Founded in 1994, County Central Vacuum Systems LLC, has been specializing in the installation and service of VACUFLO systems for commercial and residential customers. We are an authorized VACUFLO Central Vacuum dealer. Our expert staff has installed a significant number of vacuum systems across the Tidewater and Middle Peninsula areas, including service calls.

VACUFLO has been manufacturing central vacuums since 1955. The main power unit can be set up in either your garage or basement, and each inlet valve can cover approximately 700 square feet. The system can ultimately suction the allergens and debribs right out of your home and dispose of them instead of circulating them back into you breathing environment, leaving you home clean and dust-free.

As a VACUFLO dealer, our company is extremely committed to providing service and goods that boost the well-being and comfort of our customers and their loved ones. Your home should be a direct reflection of you and how you desire to live, so why not live life well with a VACUFLO Central Vacuum System? From 1,000 to 30,000 square foot homes, let County Central Vacuum Systems customize your vacuum needs!